Welcome at the camping GoedVertoef in the South East of Drenthe, Holland
The camping name in Dutch means Good Sojourn, well known round 1864 if you had a pleasant short stay on a location.
The camping is located on a farm in rest and haze 25 well speaced pitches, for tents, caravans and motorhomes, all with electric hook-up.
Devided over two fields, one at the right side of the farmhouse and the other on the rear side.

In the past time Drenthe was a poor part of Holland. Wide fields, small villages named ESDORPEN and farms.
An Es is a field with a number of farmers working together, round this field they built there houses and workplaces. This goes back to the middle ages. Nowadays a landscape of forest, purple heather fields and grassland is dominating the region of Drenthe. Ideal for a relax vacation on the Dutch country side.
This province has a infra structure made for recreation bicycle and walking. 1500km bicycle roads and hiking trails.
Passing through the country side you can still see the tracks of the ice age.
The earliest signs of humans in Drenthe date back to 40000 BC the firs human settlement was round 3400BC, they were the builders of the prehistoric funereal monuments( hunebedde )

You are most welcome to stay on our mini camping and enjoy all the lovely things Drenthe has to offer you.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.